Disney on Ice comes to Cardiff

As a child, I was enchanted by a myriad of Disney films from Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella to the Lion King. I loved the music, the stories and the characters, watching them time and time again.

Now, it’s my children’s turn to love all things Disney. So when I heard that Disney on Ice‘s 100 Years of Magic was coming to Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, I snapped up some tickets.

We arrived at our seats half an hour before the show started and walked in to an arena of excited children donned in Disney dress and a sea of flashing wands and windmills.

The 100 Years of Magic concept meant the show brought together a range of famous Disney characters through the ages. The show kicked off with a warm up to introduce hosts Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who then introduced classic Disney characters.

The skating and the choreography was spectacular ranging from gorgeous solo performances from Pinocchio’s ethereal blue fairy to the underwater world of Finding Nemo.

One of my favourite sections was the couples’ dance where famous Disney duos including Belle and the Beast, Cinderella and the Prince and Rapunzel and Flynn danced duets before joining each other on the ice.

But it’s no surprise that the stand out moment was Frozen with ice proving a perfect setting to transport us to Arendelle complete with snow flurries. 

The choreography for these segments was particularly beautiful, with Elsa and Anna’s wildly different personalities reflected in every move.

At around two hours, including an interval, it was a long show. I felt it worked well, but both of the children were getting restless as the finale neared so it could have been a little bit tighter.

We expected merchandise at the show to be on the expensive side, but I was surprised to see small soft toy characters for £22, not much shy of what a ticket cost. So we didn’t buy one!

Overall, it was a magical few hours that we all enjoyed. My never-sits-still toddler sat entranced throughout and told me she wanted to watch it again when it ended. 

And our son whispered “It was super!” to my husband as we left the arena (high praise indeed from a five-year-old). Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Blogger note. We purchased our tickets to Disney on Ice and the venue and promoter were unaware I was writing a review.


4 thoughts on “Disney on Ice comes to Cardiff

    • Thank you. Loved your review earlier in the week. I think the merchandise pricing was a bit of a missed opportunity really. Would have been happy to pay a little more over the odds but it was way more than expected. Think the show is something the kids will be talking about for a long time


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