An ode to mums 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. 

To the ones who miss sleep for feeds and cuddles.

To those who pack lunches, fill in permission slips and do everything in their power to find or make costumes for World Book Day and seasonal concerts.

To those who have watched their babies turn to teenagers and make their way into the world. And to those who have stayed up until 3am until they hear the key in the front door as their child returns from a night out.

To those who kiss away tears and scrapes and bruises. To those who say no when it would be so much easier to say yes.

To those who pack swimming kits and organise schedules like a pro. To those who agree to read just one more bedtime story.

To those who keep their cool during the most dramatic tantrums. And to those who always have wet wipes wherever they go.

To those who’ve persisted in teaching their child to read and ride a bike and to master the potty.

To those who watch their teenagers fall in and out of love and are there to deal with the fall out.

To those who chauffeur their wards to ballet, piano and gymnastics.

To those who are now grandma as well as mum and look after their grandchildren as though they were their own.

To those who get their toddler to agree to wearing shoes.

To those who wade through washing to make sure the uniforms are clean for the next day and that socks are paired.

To those who have sewn labels into jumpers, coats and hats.

To those who are doing it alone being mum and dad rolled into one.

To those who have an encyclopaedic knowledge of their kids’ medical history and are quicker at spotting an illness 

And to those who are no longer here but will be forever remembered for everything they did and were.

I salute you all.


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