To the driver of the L reg silver car

I don’t know who you are but you were clearly in a rush to get where you were going.

I was driving in the middle lane of the M4. It was almost 5pm I’d just picked up my two-year-old daughter from nursery and we were on our way to Porthcawl for a birthday meal with my mum. My daughter was singing along to her favourite Frozen CD.

You joined at Junction 36 and wanted to whizz straight out into the overtaking lanes. But I was in your way in my blue Fiesta. You tried to move out anyway driving perilously close to my car as you tried to bully me out of your way. My heart was in my mouth and, for a few seconds, I thought you were going to hit us. It was busy so I had nowhere to move to with cars on either side.

Your persistence meant I had to slam on my breaks as you pushed your way out to the sound of my blasting horn. You then shifted out into the fast lane not long after at 90 miles per hour.

I was in tears and had to pull over when we got off the motorway not long after. It played over in my mind again and again last night.

If you happen to see this I beg you to think twice if you consider driving like that again. Nowhere is that important to get to.

P.S. I have a dash cam so I will be checking the footage. I’ve also contacted the police.


4 thoughts on “To the driver of the L reg silver car

  1. That’s awful. I hope your dash cam got what you need. I really wish I’d had one on the way to work last week. Lady in fast lane of A470 on her phone twice. She was all over the road and could have caused an accident.

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