Fat to fab – achieving a healthier weight in 2017

So yesterday I did something I’d been avoiding for months – I stepped on the scales. And, yes, it was as bad as I feared.

The 8lbs I’d lost in the first few months of 2016 were back on plus more. My BMI is unhealthy and  the highest it has ever been (I can’t bear to admit it on here). 

I’m sad because last year I joined a fabulous gym and started exercising consistently. I’m the fittest I’ve been in years. But clearly I can’t get away with stuffing myself and hoping exercise will undo the damage.

As a result, I am now joining the cliched legion of people determined to lose weight this year.

I don’t want to join a slimming group. I’ve done them twice before (when I was 21 and 23) and found them great in the short term but unsustainable. Also the eating plans left me feeling so hungry I’d feel faint. Not cool.

So instead I’m going it alone and giving the eat less and move more movement a whirl. It worked well for me last year until I fell off the wagon and enjoyed eating rubbish too much to get back on it.

I am also going to use these tactics to try to get me (and keep me) on track.

1. Weighing every week I am going to weigh myself at the same time and on the same day every week. No excuses. Avoiding the scales is just avoiding the issue.

2. Measuring I am going to get the measuring tape out to track my progress every week as measuring can show more than the scales.

3. Fitness challenge I have taken the plunge and signed up for my first 10K since having the children. I am a terribly slow runner but I hope this will give me the focus to keep on track.

4. Journal I have started a journal to record my progress along the way. I love writing so I am hoping this will spur me along as well as being a record of how things are going.

5. Reading I have never bought books on healthy eating before but I have ordered a book about tackling comfort eating. I hope it will give me some inspiration.

6. Facebook groups I am in an eat less, move more Facebook group as well as a group for local mums who want to improve their health. I plan to turn to them for tips and support along the way. Tonight they pointed me in the direction of modelmydiet.com, which helps you to visualise what your target weight looks like. Here’s mine.7. One treat a week at work Our office is renowned for its kitchen goodies. It is always resplendent with cake, biscuits and chocolate. In fact, it’s a running joke that you’ll gain a stone by working there. So instead of grazing on treats every day of the working week, I am going to limit myself to one (small) treat a week. That way I won’t feel as though I’m depriving myself.

8. And finally…blogging I hope you, dear readers, will help me to achieve my goals. I’ll be posting regular updates about how I’m doing, which I hope will be an incentive to work towards being a healthier weight.

So, wish me luck. I hope to finish 2017 at a healthier weight. Here goes.

Have you adopted a healthier lifestyle recently? What approaches worked for you? I’d love to know.


8 thoughts on “Fat to fab – achieving a healthier weight in 2017

  1. Having worked in your office, I would definitely concur with number 7!! All those cakes are not good! One weekly office treat is a good idea. Good luck with your weight loss goals. It sounds like you have a really sensible approach. I am also on a new year healthy mission. Yoga and healthy eating for me! x

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  2. 2017 – the year that was – kerrylynnepyke

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