Friday nights since becoming a mum

A decade ago, Friday nights were for going out. For digging out my favourite impractical heels, spending ages preparing my hair and make up and going out with friends to enjoy a few unfashionable Malibu and cokes. In fact, it was rare for me to spend a Friday night at home.

10 years on, I am a mum of two who works full time and is considerably more tired around the edges. I can’t remember the last time I had the energy (or inclination) to have such a carefree night out. 

Tonight it struck me how much my Friday nights have changed. Most  involve going to my early evening yoga class, catching up on chores and collapsing in a heap by 10pm. 

Here’s an insight into my Friday night so far.

After putting on my loungewear and making a huge cuppa in my favourite mug, I’ve cleaned the surfaces, bleached the loos and cleaned the kitchen floor. 

I’ve written thank you cards, filed away paperwork, and put a load of washing in the dryer. I’ve given the cat his dinner and put our delivered groceries away. I have sorted through the children’s array of school and nursery Christmas crafts and displayed our favourites on the fridge. And I’ve phoned my Nanna.

Although these Fridays seem entire worlds apart, and make me realise that I really am a grown up now, I wouldn’t change it. Yes, I feel wistful when I think back to Friday nights dancing around my handbag, but life is so much richer now. I just wish I felt a little less tired along the way…

How do you feel about your Friday nights as a parent? 


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