Christmas wreath workshop review

I love Christmas wreaths but have never gotten around to getting one. So when my mum did a  Christmas wreath workshop, I asked her if I could go with her on one this year.

We did our evening workshop at A.J. Gutteridge in Porthcawl. We arrived to a warm welcome and were offered a drink and opted for cups of tea. The wreaths were ready and waiting so we were then given white baskets and told to go off and explore.

We could choose fresh foliage including ferns, holly and rosemary, pine cones and ribbons of different patterns and textures. It was like a magpies treasure trove with glittery berries, trinkets and, my personal favourite, delicate robins.

Once we had selected our items, we were shown how to decorate and fix items to our wreaths including how to attach them to wire and secure them into our creations.

And off we went. We started working on our wreaths using our chosen items. I chose a red and gold theme, but there were a raft of colours and themes to choose from. I found it helpful to do an initial lay out of my wreath to get an idea of where I wanted things to be.

We were advised that using three to five items often helps and the Gutteridge team were on hand to advise, wire items and create fabulous bows. What I really liked was that the team were on hand to help, but gave us the space to work on our own designs.

After about 90 minutes, we were doing the finishing touches and I found it helpful to move items around to make sure I was happy with the final result.

I loved my mum’s Frozen inspired theme, which goes to show the range of colours we had to choose from.

Overall, it was a wonderfully festive evening and we went away with wreaths to be proud of. I felt very pleased to hang it on my door tonight. 


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