On the school nativity

Today was one of the highlights of the festive season as a parent, the school nativity play. It is a much-anticipated date in the calendar and a day of nostalgia where we can pluck out memories from our own nativity plays.

School Christmas concerts are very different affairs to the ones I appeared in during the 1980s. Girls tended to be angels in recycled bridesmaids dresses. Halos were crafted from metal coat hangers and trimmed with tinsel. Boys were usually cast as shepherds and had tea towels tied around their heads.

Today’s concerts are slick. The cast of characters has widened and the concerts usually have a theme. Children wear a gorgeous array of costumes either home-made to bought. 

What hasn’t changed though is the sentiment and joy the Christmas concerts bring. 

There is no feeling like watching your child and their classmates concentrating on remembering the words to the songs, their lines and their dance moves. Watching them grin and wave like never before when they spot you in the audience. And hearing those little voices sing out loud and proud for all the mummies, daddies, grandparents, brothers and sisters to hear. It’s priceless.

Music tip: This beautiful song Nativity by Caryl Parry Jones sums up how I feel about the school Christmas concert today. Well worth a listen.

What are your favourite Christmas concert moments? I’d love to know.


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