Ho ho noooo – Christmas as a grown up

I have always loved Christmas. For me, it’s not about the presents. It’s about the music, the food and spending time with loved ones. That love of Christmas has reached new levels since becoming a mum. I love watching Christmas – and all of the magic that comes with it – through the children’s eyes.

What I don’t love is the growing amount of Christmas stuff to do both as a grown up and a parent. Every year, there seems to be more to organise from unusual nativity Christmas costumes (last year a chicken, this year a pig), last minute fancy dress requests and permission slips. And that doesn’t include the gift-buying, wrapping, and card-writing, which is in addition to the myriad of things that go hand in hand with being working parents.

For the next month, our family calendar is a scribbled blur of plans and reminders from Christmas dos to festive jumper days to school trips to visits to the big man himself. 

Throw in our son’s birthday in early December (and the associated party-planning and birthday prep) and the next few weeks are looking hectic to say the least. 

And that makes me worry. I’m always the planner in our household, the one who knows what’s happening when and exactly what’s required. I book things in and try to make sure nothing clashes.

I’ve got a weekly planner on the fridge, a diary, a family calendar and electronic reminders, but with so much to do and going on, I’m worried that I’m going to drop the ball soon. 

Although most of the shopping is done, much of it is yet to be wrapped. I’ve yet to write a single Christmas card and the decorations are still tucked away in the cupboard in a dusty box. 

For now, I’m going to take each day as it comes and hope that my planning strategies will pull me (and the rest of the family) through this busy yet fantastic time of year. 

It’ll all be worth it when I see our boy singing in his nativity play and watch the children meet Father Christmas and promise him that they have been good this year.

But until then I’ll be a hive of activity. I will be trying very hard not to forget about several fancy dress days, secret santa gifts and getting around to writing (and posting) those Christmas cards. Phew.

How do you keep on track with Christmas preparations? All tips welcome.


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