On getting it wrong 

Last weekend, I washed my son’s goggles in the washing machine by accident. In my haste to load the washing after his lesson, I bundled in his swimming kit without realising his goggles were going for a spin too. They came out intact so I popped them back into his kit bag and forgot all about it. 

That was until his next swimming lesson, when the said goggles disintegrated in the water. I sheepishly took them back from his teacher, who knew precisely what had happened. “Washing machine?” he asked. 

The following day my son came home from after school club with a salt dough Christmas tree decoration that needed to be baked. I dutifully put it in the oven as I cooked dinner, but a toddler melt down distracted me, which led to the ornament being burnt around the edges. Now, like most parents, I want and try really hard to get things right. It’s important to me. So when things – even relatively small things – go wrong, I feel guilty. I felt awful on both occasions.

Sometimes I get days where the things my husband and I juggle as parents amaze me. From work to drop offs to helping with homework and giving comforting cuddles, each day is filled with a myriad of tasks that need to be done along with the important things, the kisses, the laughter and favourite bedtime stories.

At other times, I melt goggles, misplace keys and make other silly mistakes. After all, we parents are people and people make mistakes. We are not the superheroes we often try to be.

So for now I will keep trying to get it right and try to be more accepting when I get it wrong. It doesn’t make me a bad mum, it makes me human.


5 thoughts on “On getting it wrong 

  1. I’m like you in feeling like the worst mum ever when I something goes wrong. Like you say though, we are just human. Our brains are so full of everything we have to do for our children, work, running a household… sometimes they just overflow. Definitely agree we should not be so hard on ourselves. x

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