Why I didn’t capture that Kodak moment today 

You are likely to be aware that today is Children in Need day, where children and grown ups alike take on fun fundraising challenges for this worthy cause. 

In the Pyke household, it meant dressing our son and daughter in their pyjamas for school and nursery for a sponsored pyjama day. I’d excitedly got the Pudsey ears out last night and imagined the lovely photograph I’d take of our pyjama-clad pair to post on Facebook and Instagram.

But when it came to 7.55am this morning, it became clear that this imagined moment was going to remain a figment of myover optimistic imagination. 

My son most definitely did not want to wear his Pudsey ears. Our daughter cried because she wanted to wear her brother’s Pudsey ears, which he suddenly insisted on keeping when she declared her interest. This then led to a shoe,  sock and coat refusal standoff that lasted for 17 minutes and meant we were running late. 

So, no Kodak moment this Children in Need day unfortunately, but I’m pleased they both took part in this brilliant fundraiser. And, hey, there’s always next year.

How have you supported Children in Need this year?


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