Invite fright

It started with invitations. 

Yesterday, I walked in from work to find the party invitations I’d written for my son’s schoolfriends drying out on the kitchen counter. A row of wrinkled envelopes laden with weeping blue pen. My very own Halloween nightmare.

“Don’t get upset,” my husband said, as he registered my I-could-cry-but-I-shouldn’t face.

There had been an incident. Our son’s new water cup had malfunctioned soaking the party invitations I had put in his school bag for his classmates. 

Now, in the grand scheme of things, that is most definitely not something that is worthy of tears. But since becoming a time-poor mum who works full time, I find it’s those little things that tip me over the edge and make me want to reach for a tissue.

You see, I’d been up since 4.30am yesterday as the extra-hour-in-bed clock change really doesn’t translate into reality for young children (as you’ll have no doubt have heard from the memes flying around Facebook and Twitter on Sunday). 

By 6.30am I’d already redressed our potty-training toddler who, despite insisting she absolutely did not need a wee, then proceeded to wee through her Halloween-themed leggings.

By 7.30am I was in the midst of my daily negotiations with our son about why he absolutely cannot bring his Spider-Man/Star Wars Lego/ sheet of Thomas the Tank stickers to school.

So after dropping him to school minus those things, I went to work and felt pretty tired as I walked through the door, which is why that row of ruined invitations almost ruined my day.

But I didn’t cry. I held it together by scoffing the spare Halloween sweets and going to yoga (although the sweets probably weren’t the best idea, I admit). 

I knew that by today, the soaked invitations really wouldn’t matter. Being a planner really did save the day at the point as I had plenty of time to write new ones. Even if some invitations were now in the wrong size envelopes.

So, to all of the parents at my son’s school who are greeted with less than perfect invitations and missized envelopes, I’m sorry. I didn’t have enough contingency to replace them all.

What are the things that make you want to cry as a parent? 


4 thoughts on “Invite fright

  1. Your approach is the best one – try to think will this matter in a day, a week or a year’s time! Now that my kids are older I look back on what I stressed about when they were little and shake my head. I stress about other things now that they are teens and I’m sure I’ll be shaking my head again when I’m a grandma! The chocolate was also a good move!!

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