Halloween at Hendrewennol

Halloween is something that can catch me unawares as a parent. I’ve usually got the costumes and goodies for trick or treaters, but I’ve been caught on the back foot in previous years with planning a Halloween day out.

This year, I was determined to be organised and bought us tickets for pumpkin carving at Hendrewennol Fruit Farm near Bonvilston. We’d never been before, but it was a fabulous few hours out as a family. Working out at less than £18 for two pumpkin carving sessions and adult grounds  passes, it was pretty good value.

The children enjoyed picking their pumpkins and helping to carve them (although the toddler did try to grab hold of the carving knife). You get given spoons, carving scoops and knives to make your pumpkin creation.

After carving our pumpkins, we used Hendrewennol’s raffle ticket system to leave them and pick them up later and went exploring.

As well as yummy food, there was face painting, balloons, spooky trails and fairground rides available for additional costs. Our children enjoyed the carousel and swing rides. Hendrewennol also has outdoor sandpits filled with toys.

All in all, it was a great day out which well and truly helped us to get into the Halloween spirit (pun intended).

How did you celebrate Halloween this weekend? Hope you had a spook fest!


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