Thank you autumn

Today I was told some really shitty news. The kind of news that reminds me that life can be unexplainably sad and unfair sometimes.

That news has been on my mind all day, niggling in the background as I negotiated a 7.30am fight between my children over green apples, went to work and came home to do the bedtime routine and to kiss their two little heads goodnight.

At lunchtime, I did my usual walk although I really did not feel like walking. It gave me time to think about that news and to listen to my music in a world of my own.

But on the way back, I stopped. I took notice of the leaves falling from the trees and carpeting the ground in stacked shades of yellow and brown. I have always loved crisp autumn days and the crunching leaves underfoot but, until that moment, I had been too distracted to notice them today.

Sometimes it’s easy to keep rushing and not notice the world around us. But the news I had today reminded me how important it is to take time to stop and enjoy it.


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