When life gives you chickens

Last year was my son’s first school nativity play and I had been excited at the prospect of his casting. Would he be a shepherd, a wise man, a donkey? Or would he even reach the dizzy heights of Joseph?

So, late last November, I opened the slip of paper telling me he was going to be a chicken. A chicken. Costumes were to be sent in a few days later.

Now, my son isn’t overly enamoured with dressing up so the chicken was a hard sell. Luckily, several of his friends were also set to be chickens (or an array of other farm animals) so after a few days of refusing to try said costume on, he relented. 

On the day of the play, I was worried he would change his mind and refuse to wear it. But he came out smiling among a group of fellow chickens, dogs and cats who serenaded us with songs about Christ’s birth.

Since that day, he has been a rabbit, Fantastic Mr Fox and a mini beast. I now have a burgeoning collection of fancy dress outfits for children but you can guarantee the unusual requests will just keep coming. I would love to say that I lovingly made them all, but I have neither the time or the skills.

So, as this year’s nativity play becomes closer on the horizon, I am intrigued to see what he will be cast as this time. Whatever it is, surely it can’t beat being a chicken.

What is the strangest fancy dress outfit your child had been asked to wear? Did you fake it or make it?


One thought on “When life gives you chickens

  1. Ho ho noooo – Christmas as a grown up – kerrylynnepyke

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