Thank goodness for yoga

London on Tuesday night

This week has been hectic. Life often is between working full time and being a mum of two children under 5, but this one has been busier than normal. 

Between travelling for work, battling The Cold That Will Quite Possibly Never End (which the toddler also has) and playing UN peacekeeper to my two, it has been  a busy working week.

And at times like these, my bouts of insomnia start creeping in. Awake at 4.30am on Tuesday and Wednesday, today saw me wide awake at 3.30am.

But in weeks like these I am very grateful for yoga. It helps my mind, which is usually a never-ending internal monologue of things to do, to pause and recharge. And it helps my body to relax.

Tonight, it would have been very easy not to go to yoga. The cold has made my daughter more sensitive than usual and she decided she absolutely did not need a nappy, pyjamas or to brush her teeth before bedtime. It was a tense stand off which looked as though it would never end.

Thankfully, it did after some intense mum to toddler negotiations (and a little bit of wrestling into pyjamas).

Leaving the house later than planned, I felt tense and as though zen-like calm couldn’t be further from my mind.

But I did go, squeezing myself in the last yoga mat spot in the nick of time. Within minutes, the relaxed feeling started.

I left that class feeling refreshed and happy after a week that had tired me out. 

So thank you yoga for being my pick me up. You never fail to work.

What helps you when you are having a busy week? How do you unwind?


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