Aberfan: 50 years

Tomorrow will mark 50 years since 144 people – most of whom were children – lost their lives in the Aberfan disaster. 

50 years on, I still find it difficult to comprehend what happened. How it would have felt to send your son or daughter to school and for them to never come home. How one close-knit community could lose so many in a single day.

My late grandfather – my Gramps – was one of the miners drafted in to help in the aftermath. It was something he never really spoke about. At the time, he had four daughters at home and another on her way. I cannot imagine what he and everyone else involved must have seen and felt after that awful day in Aberfan. 

Today I have listened to the people who survived talking about their experiences on the news in the midst of a series of memorial events. Their stories should never be forgotten.

So tomorrow, my thoughts will be with every person who is still living with the legacy of that terrible day. 


2 thoughts on “Aberfan: 50 years

  1. I think it is a time for reflection. After that absolute tragedy the bereaved battled to get to the truth of why Tip 7slid. The NCB did very little in terms of empathy and sympathy at that terrible time. Things are very different now. The Aberfan disaster was avoidable. The cost of coal cost all of those lives nothing is worth that. Today we remember Aberfan and the inspirational people who have gone on to live good lives.


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