A letter to my daughter

There are a few common words people tend to use when they are describing my daughter: fearless, busy, fun, quick, adventurous and confident. 

Confident is the word I am most proud to hear used. She is in-your-face everyone-I’m-here kind of confident meaning she will explore, climb, play independently, and hold her own in the busiest of playgroups and soft play centres. She will chat like old boots to anyone who will listen and projects her voice like a pro when serenading us with Let it Go.

At two, she is at that wonderful stage of being herself with no apologies and no self consciousness. And I really hope that doesn’t change although part of me thinks it’s inevitable. 

So here’s a letter from me to my toddler. 

Dearest girl,

Don’t change. Jump, roll and squelch in mud, scale the highest climbing frame, sing so loudly that everyone must listen. 

Stand your ground. Wear wellies every day if you want to. Say no. Fight for what you want. Laugh with no apologies. 

Dream big and keep being you. 

Love mummy x

What qualities do you want your child to keep as they grow up? Are there qualities you had as a child that you would like back?


2 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter

  1. This is almost word for word what I want for both my little monkeys..be brave, be yourself, laugh, sing and never give up no matter what. This is what I live by and would love for my children to adopt as they grow.

    Hope you are all well,

    Love, and Alistair

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